Bulletproof Branding by Giant Self

Bulletproof Branding

Discover how to set yourself apart from the competition, develop 'top of mind' awareness with prospects and create lifelong loyal customers

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What's included?

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6 mins
Module 1 - The DNA of Branding
A. Branding Isn't Just a Theory
3 mins
B. The Law of Branding
10 mins
C. Branding as the Nucleus of Your Business
3 mins
Module 2 - Dissecting Your Brand
A. Intro to the Art and Science of Branding
3 mins
B. Branding Anatomy (Part 1)
11 mins
B. Branding Anatomy (Part 2)
5 mins
C. Some Final Thoughts on Branding Anatomy
2 mins
Module 3 - Developing And Refining Your Branding Formula
A. The Branding Boiling Point
4 mins
B. Branding Alchemy Step 1
5 mins
C. Branding Alchemy Step 2
6 mins
D. Branding Alchemy Step 3 (Part 1)
12 mins
D. Branding Alchemy Step 3 (Part 2)
11 mins
E. Branding Alchemy Step 4
3 mins
F. Branding Alchemy Step 5
4 mins
Module 4 - Branding as a Catalyst for Business Growth
Take Action Now!
3 mins
Workbook & Checklist
Bulletproof Branding Workbook & Checklist.pdf
990 KB