🎧 Power of Affirmations (Audio Articles) by Giant Self

🎧 Power of Affirmations (Audio Articles)

Simply put, affirmations are anything you say or think. They make up a large part of the mind-talk that everyone has running in their heads all the time. We all use affirmations, though we don’t do it consciously.

This allows our default, negative thoughts to run our lives. Using conscious affirmations is a great way to start making those positive changes today.

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Audio Articles
What are Positive Affirmations.mp3
3 mins
Write Your Affirmations to Manifest What You Want Faster.mp3
3 mins
5 Powerhouse Tips for Using Positive Affirmations.mp3
3 mins
6 MustDos to Create Affirmations to Change in Your Life.mp3
4 mins
5 Steps to Make Affirmations More LifeChanging.mp3
4 mins
7 Hidden Benefits to Positive Affirmation.mp3
4.13 MB
Answers to Common Questions about Affirmations.mp3
3.96 MB
9 Steps for Creating Powerful Affirmations.mp3
4.67 MB
Give Your Affirmations a Makeover.mp3
4 mins
The Science Behind the Power of Affirmations.mp3
4 mins