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Quarantine Survival Guide

Stay Safe, Stay Comfortable, Stay Fed

Prepare Now Because You May Not Have The Option To Later

Dear Friend,

Life got real crazy real fast, didn’t it?

People are covering their faces and fighting over toilet paper.

Public loudspeakers are warning us not to stand too close to each other.

It’s like we’re living in a dystopian nightmare we can’t wake up from.

We’ve been told these things don’t happen in our countries.

👉 1st World Food Shortages

The Richest Nations In The World Aren’t Supposed To Run Out of Food!

It’s just not supposed to happen.

But now empty store shelves are becoming our reality and it’s terrifying.

What comes next could be far worse.

No one knows when things will go back to normal.

It could be weeks. It could be months. Some say it could take years.

There’s also the possibility we may have to live like this forever (1).

It’s scary to think a microscopic pathogen could bring the world to its knees...

Is Your Home Safe?

Our homes are covered with germs and bacteria that can make us sick.

In 2011, National Sanitation Foundation International conducted a study to identify germ hot spots in the home (2).

Microbiologists had 22 families swab 30 everyday household items ranging from kitchen surfaces to cell phones and pet care items in order to measure contamination levels.

NSF swabbed for coliform bacteria - a family of bacteria that includes Salmonella and E. coli and is an indicator of potential fecal contamination.

Here’s Where They Found Contamination

  • More than 75% of dish sponges/rags
  • 45% of kitchen sinks
  • 32% of countertops
  • 18% of cutting boards
  • 27% of toothbrush holders
  • 9% of bathroom faucet handles

According to the study’s findings, the areas where food is prepared actually contained more bacteria and fecal contamination than many other places in the home.
Before March of 2020 you may not have taken the threat of a virus outbreak seriously. Then government enforced quarantines happened and many of us weren't prepared.

Let’s talk about how you can protect yourself.

5 Ways To Stay Healthy & Comfortable During a Quarantine

1. Have Enough Food On Hand

Food can be scarce during a crisis. Grocery stores may be empty for days, weeks, or even months.

One of the most important things you’ll need during a quarantine or lockdown is plenty of food. You also must know the right kinds of food to stock up on, and how to store food so it doesn’t spoil.

You may be stuck inside for a long time. You have to plan for the worst. Stocking up on larger amounts of food you typically purchase is not the best approach.

So how do you adjust? What should you buy? Should you simply fill your cart with canned goods? And how will you store this surplus stockpile of food?

Those are the questions we’re going to answer.

2. Know How To Make Your Own Mask

Covering your face with a mask during a virus outbreak could save your life.

It’s also courteous.

You see, masks not only help prevent you from catching a virus, but they also keep you from spreading a virus to other people.

Unfortunately, medical-grade masks are almost impossible to get your hands on during a virus outbreak.

That’s why it’s important you know how to make a homemade mask.

You might be concerned that a homemade mask won’t protect you but experts tell us these masks can help.

“Cover your face with cloth - however you want to do that” (4)

That’s the advice from Shan Soe-Lin, a lecturer at the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs who was a co-author of a widely shared article about the need to cover your face.

We’re going to show you how to make a mask at home and what materials work best at protecting your health.

3. Sanitize Your Home & Car

During a public health emergency or virus outbreak, you have to regularly disinfect your home and car.

It’s not an option.

Every time you leave your home you risk bringing contamination back with you.

Your clothes, keys, shoes, cell phone, and even your debit card can carry a virus.

So what can you do?

There are specific cleaners you can use to sanitize different surfaces and materials.

For example: You should not use the same cleaner you use on your floor to disinfect your car seats.

We’ll show you what to use to keep your home and car safe.

4. Know How To Make Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies

Cleaning and hygiene supplies can save your life during a virus outbreak.

These products are also the first thing the public hordes when they start to panic.

That’s why it’s good to know how to make your own.

If the cleaning supply shelves in your local grocery store are empty we can show you how to make these essential products at home.

We’re going to show you how to make homemade:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Laundry soap
  • Dish soap
  • Deodorant
  • Bath soap
  • and Toothpaste

Not only is this a good skill to have but it can save you a lot of money because making your own cleaning supplies is much cheaper than buying brand name products.

5. Make Friends And Socialize During A Lockdown

Most of us need human interaction to keep us from slipping into depression.

How can you socialize and interact with the world while in quarantine?

How do you handle important gatherings like weddings and funerals?

You have a lot of tools available to you.

You may be surprised to find out that you even have ways to attend fitness sessions and even visit museums from home.

We’ll tell you all about it in our new guide.

Introducing The Quarantine Survival Guide

The "Quarantine Survival Guide" was created to help you stay safe while everyone else is panicking.
Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • The worst place in your home to store food - keeping food here will make it spoil

  • Hidden spaces in your home or apartment you can stash food

  • Something most people don’t realize until it’s too late that can leave them hungry even if they have food in the house

  • A specific food you want to have on hand during a health threat

  • How to make your own face mask if your local stores run out medical masks

  • Cambridge University tested household materials to find out which ones worked best for homemade masks - we’ll share what works and what doesn’t

  • A simple trick that makes your homemade mask more effective

  • What you need to wipe down and disinfect when you leave your house - most people forget some of these and risk contaminating their home

  • We’ll share the best products for sanitizing your home and car

  • Products like bleach can damage wood floors - we’ll reveal what to use instead

  • How to make homemade hand sanitizer, laundry soap, dish soap, deodorant, bath soap, and toothpaste

  • Socializing is important for mental health - we’ll show you what technology lets you keep in touch with friends, family, and co-workers while you’re social distancing

  • Where to find online versions of your favorite offline activities like working out and going to the museum

  • What you can do about funerals and weddings during a lockdown

  • And more...

You'll Also Get Access To These 2 Bonuses:

Bonus #1 - Supercharge Your Body Video Course

This is our latest not-yet-released course which contains 10 step-by-step videos that will help you boost your immune system during the quarantine.

Bonus #2 - Making Friends as an Adult (Audio Articles)

These 9 professionally recorded audio files explain the importance of friendship in your adult life and provide helpful tips to make friends.

So, What's included?

Video Icon 19 videos File Icon 2 files

Here's a Quick Preview of What You'll Discover Inside:

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Bonus - Supercharge Your Body - Part 1
Video 1 - 3 Essential Oils to Boost Your Immune System
3 mins
Video 2 - 3 Mistakes That Get You Sick
3 mins
Video 3 - 3 Steps to Boosting Your Immune System
3 mins
Bonus - Supercharge Your Body - Part 2
Video 4 - 3 Things People With a Strong Immune System Do
3 mins
Video 5 - 3 Things You Can Do Now to Strengthen Your Immune System
3 mins
Video 6 - 4 Secrets To A Strong Immune System
3 mins
Bonus - Supercharge Your Body - Part 3
Video 7 - 5 Ways to Get Rid of Toxins and Boost Your Immune System
3 mins
Video 8 - How to Invigorate Your Immune System
3 mins
Video 9 - How To Supercharge Your Immune System
3 mins
Video 10 - The Secret Foods to Fortify Your Body
3 mins
Bonus - Making Friends as an Adult (Audio Articles) - Part 1
5 Myths About Adult Friendships We Need to Ignore
3 mins
4 Health Benefits of Adult Friendships
3 mins
5 Places to Find Friends as an Adult
3 mins
Bonus - Making Friends as an Adult (Audio Articles) - Part 2
5 Reasons Why Adult Friendships are so Important
3 mins
6 Tips for Making Friends as an Adult
3 mins
6 Apps to Help You Make New Adult Friends
3 mins
Bonus - Making Friends as an Adult (Audio Articles) - Part 3
7 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Make Friends as an Adult
3 mins
8 Easy Ways to Make Friends at a New Job
3 mins
9 Ways to Make Friends When You Move to a New City
3 mins

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When People Panic, Things Get Scary

When you flip on the TV and see hordes of people buying every roll of toilet paper they can get their hands on you know life isn’t going back to normal for a while.

When the masses panic everything becomes unpredictable.

  • Hospitals become overwhelmed
  • Food supplies run out
  • Crime can skyrocket
  • Businesses shut down

When people panic your best strategy to stay safe is to stay inside.

This guide will show you how to stock up on survival foods, how to make face masks in case you can’t get your hands on N95 respirator masks, and how to make basic cleaning and hygiene products in case your local stores run out.

You’ll also discover how to properly disinfect your home and car and how to carry on with your social life online.

Things Could Get Worse

We hope everything works out.

We hope grocery stores get back to being fully stocked.

We hope businesses open up and everyone goes back to work.

But there’s a chance none of that will happen.

In fact, things could get worse. Much worse.

Food shortages could go from grocery stores that are kind of empty to fully empty.

Businesses may never reopen.

We want to prepare you for the worst-case scenario so you and the people you love can stay safe no matter what goes down.

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