🎧 Quiet Confidence - The Power of Being Humble by Giant Self

🎧 Quiet Confidence - The Power of Being Humble

Confidence is the single most important trait that any person should cultivate. It’s also one the hardest to master. What makes finding confidence so tricky? This audio book will give you some answers and it will teach you how to become humbler.
πŸ’ͺUse the workbook to put your knowledge into action.

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What's included?

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Audio book
2 mins
Chapter 1 - What Does Humble Really Mean?
8 mins
Chapter 2 - Does Being Humble Really Matter?
14 mins
Chapter 3 - How to Be Humbler
10 mins
1 min
Ebook & Workbook
Quiet Confidence.pdf
1.82 MB
Quiet Confidence Workbook.pdf
871 KB