🎧 You Are Worth It by Giant Self

🎧 You Are Worth It

How do you feel about yourself? Are you comfortable with who you are? When you think about your self-worth, you might wonder how are you to create such an evaluation of yourself? Why do you feel great about yourself sometimes and not so much at others? What factors influence this? 

At first glance, it's easy to make assumptions about self-worth. We know we feel good when people compliment us, so it's a normal thing self-worth is created by outside influences. At the same time, criticism from those around us can equally tank your self-worth in just a handful of harsh words. 

The problem is a lack of understanding of self-worth. We ignore the word "self" and focused too heavily, add the word "worth." Perhaps we do this because we are more concerned with how we value ourselves than how we get to that value. 

Having good self-worth is essential. Hopefully, by the end of this audio book, you'll be starting to see a difference. You'll feel more energetic, more capable, and more resilient. You'll enjoy closer and more intimate relationships, and you won't be afraid to speak up for yourself.
It's time to like yourself.
Let's get started.

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Audio book
1. Introduction
2 mins
2. You Are Worthy
2 mins
3. The Power of Self-Worth
10 mins
4. Do You Have Low Self-Worth?
17 MB
5. How to (Re)Build Your Self-Worth
20 MB
6. Conclusion
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